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Your Blog Brand and Domain Name

Your business/blog name is EVERYTHING. Your blog name is your brand and it is what will define your blog for the life of your online business. So take some time to brainstorm a good blog name instead of jumping in with two feet. It gets much, much harder to change your blog name in the future and you don’t want to be stuck with a heat of the moment domain name like in 5 years when your blog is about photography.

TIP! A good tool I like using when brainstorming new blog names is Shopify’s Business Name Generator.

Sure their goal is to funnel you towards buying a Shopify page but that doesn’t mean it’s still not beneficial ;). You can simply enter two words related to your topic and it will generate thousands of available domain names. Once you like the one you like, write it down (NOTE: Try to stick with .com domain names. They are the most common and are the easiest to remember for your readers). We will use this domain name in step 5 when we set up your web-hosting!


TIP! Once you have decided on the name of your blog, your logo is the next most important thing.

Think about Nike or Apple. As soon as you hear those company names you can visualize the logo and vice versa. If done right your blog name and blog logo should have a similar effect. Now we know many of you are probably saying “I’m not a graphic designer, I can’t make a logo!” Trust us, we were once in the same boat. We made our first logo in MS Paint! It was absolutely terrible but it was important in the beginning to make branding for our blog no matter how ugly to begin growing authenticity. Don’t worry you’ll have opportunities to improve your logo in the future. Plus the tools available today are much better than MS Paint 🙂

We personally recommend They have a great easy-to-use interface which is great for beginners plus its basic version is FREE to use (but it’s more than enough for basic logo design).

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