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Web Hosting for a New Blog

When we started blogging this step of getting a functional blog on the Internet took us 6 months! Just thinking about having this virtual website on the Internet used to boggle our mind.


Thankfully for you, things have gotten a lot better. Modern day web-hosting providers handle the majority of the grunt work themselves and getting a bare-bone website live on the Internet has become as easy as clicking your mouse. There’s a whole bunch of options out there when looking for a web host but we personally prefer BlueHost. Their unique “one-click install” feature makes it extremely easy for beginners to get their website running on an easy-to-use, fast, stable server almost instantly. Follow the steps below to finally get your blog live on the Internet (We’re so excited for you!)

NOTE: When it comes to web-hosting we always said that there are many many options online and we strongly encourage you to explore them. But in our experience, we have found that BlueHost gives you the most bang for your buck and is one of the best options for new bloggers. 🙂

STEP 1 To Start A Successful Blog: Navigate to BlueHost!

Click Here to Navigate to BlueHost

STEP 2 To Start A Successful Blog: Choose A Plan.

We usually prefer Plus because of the free extras and SpamExpert add-on. But essentially basic is also just as good for beginners!

STEP 3 To Start A Successful Blog: Sign up for a Domain Name.

For new bloggers, you use the “new domain” function and enter the domain we thought of in the previous section of this guide. If you already have a domain use the “I have a domain name” function to migrate your domain into BlueHost.

STEP 4 To Start A Successful Blog: Create your account!

Make sure to enter valid information. Your web-hosting is the digital equivalent of you renting a brick and mortar building. Very Important.

STEP 5 To Start A Successful Blog: Select add-ons.

The only add-on we really recommend is the “Domain Privacy Protection” this will cloak your personal information if someone does a background check on your website (ex. http://who.is)

STEP 6 To Start A Successful Blog: Enter payment information + agree to terms & conditions.

Check mark to agree and press “Submit” to continue.

STEP 7 To Start A Successful Blog: Add Special Offers.

You can choose any extras if interested. Sometimes there can be some pretty good discounts, otherwise, press “no thanks” to continue.

STEP 8 To Start A Successful Blog: Congratulations!

You are now the proud owner of a domain name + web hosting on the Internet :). A confirmation email will be sent to you with all details.

STEP 9 To Start A Successful Blog: Create your password.

We recommend you make a strong password. If someone can access your web-hosting they can access and change anything on your blog. Press next to continue.

STEP 10 To Start A Successful Blog: Login to BlueHost laugh Admin !

If you don’t get redirected directly to the login page press “login” from the top right of BlueHost.com

STEP 11 To Start A Successful Blog: Welcome to the BlueHost admin panel!

This is the main settings page where you can control all of the technical stuff about your blog. Once setup you probably won’t have to come back here again. Click “Install WordPress” to continue.

STEP 12 To Start A Successful Blog: Install WordPress using the automated installation wizard

STEP 13 To Start A Successful Blog: Select your domain.

This will be either the domain name you chose in step 3 above or the domain you transferred over if you already had a domain name. We recommend you leave the directory option blank unless you have to install your blog as a subdomain. (ex. www.domain.com/subdomain/post)

STEP 14 To Start A Successful Blog: Congratulations! That’s it that was all the technical stuff 🙂 !

Your WordPress blog is now live on the Internet!!

STEP 15 To Start A Successful Blog: Login to your WordPress Blog!

Navigate to http://yourdomainname.com/wp-admin (obviously, replace yourdomainname.com with the name of your blog ex. http://happyfishcow.ca/wp-admin). Here you can use the credentials you made in the Install Wizard in the steps above to log in.

STEP 16 (FINAL STEP) To Start A Successful Blog: Welcome to WordPress!

You will come to love this page ;). This is the dashboard that is behind your blog that you will see on a regular basis. But congratulations the technical stuff is behind you! It’s time to design, create and write!

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