launching your blog

Top Ten Tips Once You’ve Launched Your Blog

Once you’ve launched your new blog, what do you do next? If you prepared for your launch correctly, you’ve written numerous articles in advance to post to your blog at frequent intervals. Is it time to sit back and watch the results of your pre-launch preparations? Absolutely not! To do this would only waste all your previous efforts. You are now in the initial stages of your new blog so your focus here will be in generating traffic. Here are the top 10 things you should consider once you’ve launched your blog: 1) Continue preparing blog posts and focus on[…]

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blog topic

Picking A Topic Or Niche For Your Blog

We’re sure you have heard the saying “Jack of all trades, master of none”.  In business, if you try to do a lot of different things at once, you will become “average” at a lot of things but will never become the expert at any of them. Unfortunately for all of you who have diverse tastes , in business customers look for companies that 1. provide exceptional value and 2. are the best in comparison to the competition. You can never be the best at something or be considered an expert in a field if you dabble in a lot[…]

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content for blog

Planning Content For Blog Posts Can Be A Challenge

When thinking about content for blog posts, you may find yourself having to take some time planning how your blog posts should be written before you even start writing. Sometimes when writing a blog, you may find yourself wondering how you might want to organize your posts in order to make them better, both in terms of readability and search engine optimization, or SEO. Sure, writing blog posts should be fund, but there is a technical side of the content for blog posts that needs to be followed in order to make your blog the best it can be. This[…]

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article tips

Lesser Known Article Tips To Help Your Posts Get Noticed

Besides the well-known advice of using SEO strategies like keywords, keyphrases, links, alt attributes and text length, there are lesser known article tips to add to your post content and follow-up tasks you should do to help get your posts noticed. If you’re an expert on a topic, let your readers know that up front. Readers are much more likely to take what you say seriously and invest their time into reading what you’ve written on the topic if you’re an expert. Don’t brag to them, but don’t hide your experience either. And you should also include a short bio[…]

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find readers

Find Readers For Your Articles And Blog Posts

Everybody who writes online is looking for ways to find readers for their articles and blog posts. So you’ve written an article. It’s passionate and high-quality, and you think it’ll really benefit somebody. Great! But it won’t do anyone any good unless you can attract readers to your website. The advice given here can help you in the process of finding readers for your articles and blog posts so all your work doesn’t go to waste. Marketing and advertising your website or blog is one way to go, and is covered in other articles on Blogorator. This article is going[…]

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blog content

Writing Good Blog Content to Attract and Keep Readers

When writing a blog, content may be more important than you think. Not only do you need to write good and engaging posts, but everything from your writing style to what your write about leads to a successful blog. But there are also other things besides the blog content itself that is important. Read the article below for more tips on what else can contribute to bring in new readers to your blog, and keep your regulars coming back for more. Use of good grammar and a large variety of words can enhance your blog posts. The use of grammar[…]

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blog links

Use Blog Links and Keywords To Help Your Post SEO

Once your blog has a good number of posts, you should not only continue to add links to other websites for reference or more information about what you are writing about, but you should also start to add blog links to some of your other posts. As a blogger, you should already know to be personable and friendly in everything you do. Throughout your posts, you should always allow your personality to shine through, which is particularly important when you are trying to add links and keywords in order to help your post’s SEO (search engine optimization). Be sure the[…]

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writing a blog

How To Be Successful When Writing a Blog

Just because you want to start writing a blog does not mean it will be successful. There have been many, many blogs started only to be quickly dropped. Instead, do some planning and try and figure out what you want to write about and how you will promote your blog before you begin – that is a better path to success. One of the most creative and interesting ways for businesses to attract attention on the Internet is to blog. Blogging can be done for free and you can engage in a lot of feedback with your readers. Setting up[…]

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blog topics

Choosing Blog Topics to Write About

When writing a blog, most find it hard at some point in time to come up with good blog topics to write about. Choosing good blog topics is a genuine concern as it has a crucial impact on the achievement or disappointment of your blog. Picking the correct topic can give you the opportunity to plan out your blog posts and to make a blogging timetable. Planning topics will help you deal with your blog easily and you can even add to different online journals. Although you first want to select a category for your blog that might be profitable,[…]

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blog expert

Become a Blog Expert to Gain More Readers

When writing a blog, you should try to become a blog expert. This means that besides writing an awesome blog, there are other things you should also be doing to increase your readership. One of the fastest and simplest ways for a blog to attract new readers is by using advertising. The downside of this, of course, is that advertising costs money. And unless you are also promoting a business or trying to sell something, spending money on ads just to get more readers isn’t one of the top things to do. Below we discuss other ways you can get[…]

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blog writing

Blog Writing Advice to Get More Readers to Your Website

Not everything involved with increasing readership to your blog is about marketing and promotion. Your blog writing skills also have a lot to do with how many readers visit your website. Many people attempt to write blogs and want to be successful and get lots of readers. However, not everyone is talented when it comes to writing. You can understand the proper mechanics of writing without being able to form a flowing sentence. You might even be able to identify poetic devices. Writing requires captivating the reader and transporting them into the realm of what you are writing about. Writing[…]

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blog content

Tips For Creating Good Blog Content

When looking at the topics you cover in your blog, it is a good idea to review your blog content to help in planning for future blog posts. Over time, your readers will expect a certain writing style from you. Therefore, as long as every one of your posts don’t go on long rambling diatribes, you should try to keep your posts on point without unnecessary information. The better your readers like your writing and content, the more likely they will be to come back again and again, especially if they feel like you are offering them a lot of[…]

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choose content

How To Choose Content To Make Effective Articles And Blog Posts

When writing a blog post or article, sometimes choosing content to write about can be a challenge. In order to attract readers or customers to increase views or sales, you must know how you should address them. The following article offers many tips and techniques on how to choose content for your posts to increase readership on your website. When writing about products you’re selling, sometimes you should put the keywords away and just go for a legitimate description. You can always tag the page with a keyword for SEO purposes, but your customers want to read real information about[…]

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article content

Article Content is Key to Getting New Readers

When writing a new post for your website, you should plan the article content carefully in order to use it for successful promotion. It is not only your social media links or other promotional strategies that market your articles. The content in your blog posts or articles themselves are a key part of an effective marketing strategy. When looking at what you should write about, you should pay attention to what is working and what is not. Sometimes certain subject matters will not resonate with readers. Try to tailor new projects around themes that have been successful in the past.[…]

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blog content

Choosing Good Blog Content and Writing It Well

Whether you are writing a lifestyle or business blog, or you are guest writing on somebody else’s website to support your business, your blog content is the most important part of determining the success of your writing – after, of course, how well you write it. Do you understand what goes into determining article content, how it is done, and just what you have to do to ensure it is successful? If not, you aren’t alone. There are many businesses that don’t know how well articles can promote a business online. And there are many lifestyle bloggers who spend a[…]

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