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Blogs, or Weblogs as they were previously known, are increasingly popular for those starting a new website. If you have something you would like to say and share with the world, a blog is the best way to go. And starting a new Blog has never been easier as almost every hosting provider utilizes some sort of automation tool to help you get started.

However, starting a new Blog still requires some decisions to be made. Listed below are some tips to assist the budding Blogger in making those decisions.

A Few, Simple Tips on Starting a Blog

Your first choice when starting a new Blog is whether to opt for a free Blog provided by such resources as WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr etc. or to register your own domain and pay for private hosting. Free Blogs are great to get your feet wet, but you’re more likely to get better results from the paid solution. Search engines seem to prefer private domain names, you have more flexibility in design and functionality with your own hosted blog, and you also have more freedom with advertising.

    • When starting a new Blog, you should think about the look and functionality. You could start with a free theme, but chances are there are other websites with the same look and feel, so it might be worth paying $30-$50 for a premium theme. Premium themes are generally more customizable and are coded and designed more efficiently; plus you will have support from the developer should any issues arise.
    • There are numerous Blogging platforms available. The most mainstream is WordPress, providing the most flexibility, support and user friendliness of all the Blogging platforms, and makes it an excellent choice for anyone starting a new Blog. Blogger is also easy to use, and if you want, you can buy your own domain name and forward your Blogger account to your new domain name without having to pay a hosting fee. Blogger has limited themes, but you might find one that works for you, and the only cost is a yearly domain name fee.
    • Providing you opt for a WordPress platform, one of the most useful tips in starting a Blog is to make good use of plugins. Plugins add special features to your blog, such as social media links. Other plugins help with the administration and security of your Blog. For example, Secure-WP to boost security, Spam Free WordPress to catch spam comments and W3 Total Cache to improve site opening speeds.
TIP! Lastly, the most important tip on starting a Blog is to pick a topic you have genuine interest in! Starting a new Blog should be a fun experience and allow you the opportunity to express your opinions and thoughts online. It is rather difficult to talk passionately about something you have no interest in – and this will show through in your work.

Getting Your Website Noticed Through SEO

The main challenge for anyone starting a new Blog is getting traffic and generating interest. The most effective way to do this is through Search Engine Optimization, or SEO. The cornerstone of any SEO campaign is link building. Here are a few starting a Blog tips on effective SEO:

    • Patience – Not really a direct tip, but still the best advice I can give on starting a new Blog. You have to have patience. If you start getting thousands of visitors a month from the start, great! However, most successful and notable websites are built over time – another reason it’s important to choose a topic you’re very interested in, so you don’t lose interest.
    • One of the most important tips on starting a new Blog is starting off slow! Don’t build too many backlinks all at once. For a new site, we would advise a maximum of 20-35 per day. The reason for this is Google can put your site in the sandbox – blacklist your site – if it thinks you are using spammy methods to market your site.
TIP! Generate a diverse network of backlinks. Google does not like to see a “footprint” of any kind. If all your links are from article directories or other Blog networks, it’s not going to rank you very high. There are many resources you can build links from – Article Directories, Web 2.0 Properties, Social Bookmarks, Press Release sites, Video websites, profile links – try to be creative and diverse when starting a new Blog.

We hope these tips on starting a Blog have been useful! Perseverance and patience are two key elements you simply have to have when starting a new Blog. Speaking from personal experience, it’s very frustrating to see zero results from overwhelming effort, but over time, that effort will be rewarded.

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