Productivity Tools That Help Minimizing Your Time

Productivity Tools That Help Minimizing Your Time

If you’re doing it yourself, or with the support of a team, it takes a lot of effort to run your own website. Beyond building your website, you need to constantly refresh it to keep visitors coming in. That’s better said than done though.

Site management includes research in fields like coding, marketing, SEO and some graphic design. Some can end up being ignored owing to the many tasks involved. Additionally, it can be a struggle to operate on the Internet, as distractions exist online.

Fortunately there are a number of resources available that can improve productivity. Here are five you should talk about trying out.



IFTTT, standing for If This Then That, allows you to build “recipes” that allow you to interact and work together with various apps and services. I can create an IFTTT recipe for example that automatically uploads my Instagram images to my Google Drive account. Build amazing integration with experience in programming zero! If you think so, then you should IFTTT it.

IFTTT can be used in countless variations, and not just for social media. Social networking users should find this a critical resource in their social shed though.


Buffer makes it incredibly easy to share web articles without headaches and hassles through social media. Only log in to the Buffer, connect social media accounts and schedule different times for sharing content. Click the Buffer book marklet button and Buffer will throw the article into your queue when you’re out and about browsing the web and seeing an article you know your followers would enjoy, which it will then post at one of your assigned sharing times.

Buffer helps to spread great content on the web and helps you store and share content so you don’t cram posts down your followers’ throats all at once.



An oldie but a goodie, HootSuite is incredibly helpful when it comes to handling different social media profiles. Control all your network-wide social interaction in one easy-to-use dashboard that allows you to schedule updates, delegate social tasks to team members, organize Twitter lists and followers, monitor results, and more.



Evernote is more than just an online note-taking tool that lets you list your ideas wherever you’re. You can also organize your research, create a “to do” list, manage your schedule and even work with your colleagues.

Another main feature makes Evernote so useful is its broad support across platforms. That simplifies access between your different devices to your notes. It’s available on Android, iOS, Windows and OSX for free. More advanced features however require a paid subscription.


When you’re stuck searching for something to write about, BuzzSumo is a powerful device. The basic features of the app allow you to find the most popular content on a particular subject, or from a particular domain. This also provides information about how to share every page online. You can also select which form of content appears on your search results (e.g. posts, infographics, and videos).

It’s a very useful way to plann your material on social media. Although it’s available on their website for free, a $99 monthly subscription allows for more in-depth content review and results of domain comparison.

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