Planning for Future Blog Posts

planning future blog posts

Writing your very first blog post is usually exciting since your level of energy and enthusiasm are typically sky high! But to keep a site alive and growing you will need to post updates on a consistent and even frequent basis. Not only that but you will need to maintain the content quality at a level that keeps visitors coming back This can quickly become a challenge when trying to find new ideas for creating content that your visitors want to see.

So what do you do? And how do you create content of good quality that will keep the traffic flowing to your site? Here are 3 strategies for uncovering ideas that can be used to post updates that will keep you sane and visitors happy!

Get Outside!

Sitting around your room or office in your home can lead to frustration or writers’ block. Sometimes the best blog posts come from random thoughts and ideas that pop into your head at what seems like the most inopportune time. This is a great way for creating content provided you can capture these thoughts since they’re usually insightful and always unique! Exposing yourself to the great outdoors can offer stimuli that can easily spark thoughts and ideas, plus it’s a good reason for unplugging from your computer!

Current Events

Are you currently stumped or troubled about a particular issue? If this is the case how may it relate to the topic or theme around which you post updates on your blog? Even if there isn’t a direct parallel, you might still draw some type of correlation in order to make a point. Using current events in the same way is a terrific way to maintain your content quality while also keeping it entertaining for readers!

Responding to a Comment

Provided you allow comments on your site, and you should, you have a great source of ideas right there under your nose! This approach also takes little insight in terms of trying to determine what’s on the mind of your readers or what they would like to see. When you post updates based upon comments and suggestions, these people also appreciate that you’re responding to and acknowledging their thoughts and wishes!

Writing the next new blog post can become increasingly challenging over time when also trying to maintain your content quality to keep viewers returning. The biggest asset any blogger can have is their imagination, or at least sources from where they can draw ideas for creating content with which they can post updates to their site. Without either, your ability to offer a content quality that attracts people and keeps them returning will be severely diminished! The 3 suggestions offered above are sources that exist right under your nose, and in many cases are left untapped. The point here is to keep both your eyes and ears open at all times and use the sources already available to you for creating content both your platform needs and your readers want!

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