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Picking A Topic Or Niche For Your Blog

We’re sure you have heard the saying “Jack of all trades, master of none”.  In business, if you try to do a lot of different things at once, you will become “average” at a lot of things but will never become the expert at any of them. Unfortunately for all of you who have diverse tastes 😉 , in business customers look for companies that 1. provide exceptional value and 2. are the best in comparison to the competition. You can never be the best at something or be considered an expert in a field if you dabble in a lot of different categories. This same concept applies to blogging. The Internet is so vast with so much information readily available that if you simply start a blog about “everything”, you will never build a successful high traffic blog. Readers on the web look for expertise. There are millions of wikiHow type websites on the web that provide average summary-type information on a lot of different topics but only a handful of websites that dive into particular topics and niches.

These niches are where you can make money and find online blogging success. So don’t be greedy! Instead of trying to eat the whole Internet pie focus on a particular sliver and become the absolute best in it. Make it known to the world that, that particular sliver of user traffic and money is yours and yours alone. Become the undisputed expert in that particular category, dominate, and start enjoying the money that starts rolling in!


DECIDING ON A PARTICULAR NICHE – Now this is the hard part. I’ve seen a lot of bloggers fail because they chose a blog niche that was either not a good fit or that it didn’t have a lot of growth potential. I know it can seem a bit overwhelming to choose only one topic for your blog but if you follow these three rules you will be okay:

Rule #1 – Be Interested In the Blog Niche (Some Passion)

You can Google “How to pick a blog niche” and you will get thousands of posts about how you need to be passionate about the topic you choose. I feel this advice is a bit outdated. You simply need interest. Passion is a strong word and I know a lot of successful bloggers who didn’t dream, sleep and eat their particular expertise when they started. So keep this as the minimum standard. You must somewhat enjoy the topic. For example, if you have zero interest in golfing don’t start a blog about it!

Rule #2 -Make Sure Enough People Actually Care About Your Blog Niche

Your blog is an “online business” and the number one thing a business must have is the potential for growth. If your niche is something people will not care about in a one month, one year or even 5 years time, you should look for something else to start your blog about. For example making your blog about the “London 2012 Summer Olympics” is probably not a great idea. Simply looking at the graph below shows that interest in the 2010 Olympic games peaked in 2012 and have been at almost 0 since then. I highly recommend you do this for chosen niche as well on Google Trends to get an idea about public interest. Google trends is a free tool by Google that shows you how many people are searching for a particular topic.


Rule #3 -Make Sure You Can “Sell Something” In your Niche

Your blog is your online “business”. If you can’t sell something in your niche category you have a big problem. I have seen a lot of entrepreneurs start a blog about an unusual topic and find out 6 months down the line that there are no viable income streams for that particular niche. Now sure every blog or website can put Adsense or Amazon links on their blog to get some PPC (pay-per-click) income. But to have a real consistent income stream you have to either sell your own product or make commission being an affiliate for someone else’s product. If your chosen niche doesn’t have room for either of those two things, no matter how small, I would recommend you choose something else.

Find out more about picking a blog topic in our post Choosing Blog Topics to Write About.

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