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How To Get New Blog Visitors

One of the problems that people often encounter first when creating a new blog is how to get visitors to read your blog. This is completely understandable, as a new blog has not had time to be discovered by the search engines. You will most likely receive very minimal natural traffic.

Those who have had previous blogs understand this aspect and factor this into the time required for a blog to be setup and begin receiving a respectable amount of traffic. For those who are blogging for the first time, however, it can be extremely daunting when looking at the new blog after several days of it being live and the traffic still being minimal at best.

Fortunately, with a little research and understanding of how blogs and traffic work, a new blogger can ensure that their blog begins to receive traffic almost immediately. One example of what would become apparent when this research has been carried out is that a lot of traffic will come from search engines, so it is important to be listed in their results pages as soon as possible.

TIP! Although search engines will naturally find your blog, it can take several weeks (or months in some cases) and therefore one of the first things that should be carried out is finding a website that is already listed in the search engine and having it link to the new blog.

Now, this is not as difficult as it may first seem, as by simply commenting on a popular blog or posting in a forum with the URL of the blog in a signature, it is possible to almost guarantee that the new blog will be found by the search engines in a matter of days.

It must also be noted that blog commenting and forum posting has additional benefits for new blogs, other than ensuring that the new blog becomes listed in the search engines quicker. For instance, the greater amount of comments and posts that can be made that feature the new blog’s URL, the greater amount of links that will be available to click on by potential visitors. It may mean that out of 100 comments and posts, only 10 people click, but unless there is money to spend on often expensive advertising, this is a great way to get the traffic starting to go to the blog.

TIP! Use social media to get new visitors to your blog.

Sites like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter can easily get you likes, comments and hopefully a following, leading to visitors to your blog. Pinterest is also a great way to link graphics on your blog to Pinterest, getting more direct visitors.

With the proper research, effective techniques can be implemented to ensure that a new blog can be receiving traffic within a matter of days. It may take some time, but once you do your research and work on getting exposure, you can then build a following that will only grow over time.

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