Use Blog Links and Keywords To Help Your Post SEO

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Once your blog has a good number of posts, you should not only continue to add links to other websites for reference or more information about what you are writing about, but you should also start to add blog links to some of your other posts.

As a blogger, you should already know to be personable and friendly in everything you do. Throughout your posts, you should always allow your personality to shine through, which is particularly important when you are trying to add links and keywords in order to help your post’s SEO (search engine optimization).

Be sure the content you provide is both timely and timeless. You want to keep your content up to date. If readers come across an older article and realize it is dated, they will leave immediately. You should try to keep your articles recent, which can simply be done by adding links to updated articles. Take advantage of the “Most Recent” or “Most Popular” features on your site. This way, even old content will generate money for you.

Link yourself up! In each of your articles you should not only provide links to your website homepage, but also to any other articles you have written. Even if they are not exactly relevant, you can include them at the end by saying something like “Other articles by this author include…” Add links to all of your posts. In every article you write, you should include both a link to your website’s homepage, as well as a deep link to other relevant information on your site. These will give the readers a way to find other information on your website they may be interested in, with a minimum amount of fuss.

When writing to get traffic, do not worry about the length of your content or the exact topic it covers. You need to target a few keywords that people would use if they were interested in reading something similar to your content. Your content needs to refer constantly to these keywords without sacrificing your writing style. When writing a blog post, be careful not to overuse keywords. Find a way to incorporate them well into your article. Make sure they appear in the title, first paragraph and in the concluding paragraph. But try not to use them in the body of the article as this gets repetitive.

Some bloggers who focus solely on increasing viewers to their website in order to make money through ads often attempt things to trick people into coming to their website. One thing you should definitely avoid is publishing one article under multiple URLs on your site. This can diminish your site’s value quickly because Google often looks at the quality and number of links when deciding where a page will be ranked. Referencing a piece with several tags is fine as long as they all end up pointing to the same URL.

Don’t forget to include your call to action. As your blog post wraps up, you should be gently nudging your readers towards the next step they should take. If you want to send them to another article on your website, for example, make the appropriate link prominent. When you give your readers all of this info they will be more prone to take action.

Now that you know about some effective article content techniques, you can begin to figure out how you want to approach blog links and keywords in your posts. You will find once you use these tips a few times they will quickly become second hand as you incorporate them into each of your posts. Follow the advice here, and allow it to guide you along your blog journey.

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