Top Ten Tips Once You’ve Launched Your Blog

launching your blog

Once you’ve launched your new blog, what do you do next? If you prepared for your launch correctly, you’ve written numerous articles in advance to post to your blog at frequent intervals.

Is it time to sit back and watch the results of your pre-launch preparations? Absolutely not! To do this would only waste all your previous efforts. You are now in the initial stages of your new blog so your focus here will be in generating traffic.

Here are the top 10 things you should consider once you’ve launched your blog:

1) Continue preparing blog posts and focus on the content.

You want to keep fresh content available for visitors to ‘train’ them to come back looking for more.

2) Start visiting other blogs and leave comments.

When you comment be sure to link to your blog is in your signature file.

3) Reach out within your blogging community to build relationships with other bloggers.

By networking like this you can pick up some tips, ideas and possibly some additional online traffic.

4) When referencing other blogs in your posts make sure to use trackbacks.

These link you with the other blog and notify them you’ve just referenced them on your site.

5) Visit forums related to your niche and participate in their discussions.

Again this will be a great source of information and a potential field of additional online traffic to your blog.

6) Write articles and post these to your blog.

Once posted be sure to ping them, and then wait for 24 hours so that you can now submit them to article directories. Let your articles do ‘double duty’ for you.

7) Ping your blog posts.

Make sure whenever you make a blog post that you ping it.

8) Participate at social sites where you can spread the word about your new blog.

You never know where your readers will come from.

9) Circulate press releases to announce your blog.

Sometimes these seem like a pain, but these can really work to get visitors to see what you are writing about.

10) Most importantly continue to post on a FREQUENT basis.

This is the lifeblood of your blog and the reason readers visit.

You’ve got a new blog with plenty to post about so now is the time to get noticed. By incorporating the above 10 activities into your ongoing blogging routine you’ll be well on your way to attracting plenty of online traffic. Congratulations and may you experience much success with your blogging efforts!

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