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Tips on Increasing Your Adsense Earnings

You probably got into writing online articles or blogging to not only share your knowledge on a particular topic, but also to make some money … and the best way to do that is through your Adsense earnings. If you follow these tips you may be able to see more profits from the ads on your website.

If you have a website with a blog or articles, you should apply for a Google Adsense account. No matter how small you think your little place on the internet is, by having Google Adsense ads appear on your website you are able to make some money through Adsense earnings. The experienced webmasters state that your revenue with Adsense can differ if you customize your ads’ appearance. That’s why you should always keep on experimenting with the settings in order to find the best solution for you. In this article we’ll describe some basic strategies which can make your ads more clickable, and profitable as well.

  1. Ad Placement

You’ve probably put a lot of effort into designing your website, from the theme and layout to colors. When integrating advertisements, you might not have thought about where they will be placed. If using WordPress, many themes are set up with ad placement in mind while others you have to figure it out through widgets or plugins.

In order to maximize your readers’ exposure to ads without overwhelming them (and ruining the look and feel of your website), it is generally a good idea to have one ad that appears when a reader first visits your website – be it to the home page or through a link to one of your blog posts or articles. This is typically done in the header, but could also be at the top of one of your column widgets. Then you can sprinkle a couple of other ads further down in the page, with perhaps another one at the bottom. But you don’t want to clutter the top of your website with too many ads or you might discourage your readers and they might not come back.

When looking at ad sizes and their placement you should remember when placing ads you should not only check what your website looks like on a computer but also on handheld devices like a tablet and a phone. Some ad types might look good on the computer but be too large for a phone where only part of the ad is actually seen. Our advice is to always use responsive ads.

  1. Image or Text

When designing your website, you have most likely also thought about how graphic images will be incorporated, from your logo to a featured image for each blog post or article, to other pictures as well. When it comes time to choosing which ads to place, you can pick between only images, combination test/image, or only text. But you may be wondering, which type achieves better results?

As experiments show, everything depends on the niche of your website, the keywords that are used and the design of the ads image. On some sites, ads that are only text earn more for a webmaster because of how they are seamlessly integrated into the website. For others, banner ads or nice graphic ads perform the best. With Google Adwords you can check the performance of your ads through your Adsense Reports and make changes if some aren’t achieving the results you want.

  1. Website Elements Imitation

Imitating elements in your website with an ad borders on acceptable practice, but for some webmasters this is a profitable venture. One example of this Adsense trick is a button imitation. This technique is used for different file sharing websites, where the user is proposed to download some digital content. The Adsense block is placed in the center of the page, so that the user thinks he should click it in order to get his file. But if you plan on using this trick, you should be sure that you don’t break Google Adsense rules.

  1. A ‘Wait’ Page

One more interesting strategy is a ‘Wait for 30 seconds’ page with Adsense creation. It can also be used in case you work with some file sharing platform or so, when a banner or a link is demonstrated to the user. You also have to be careful when using this strategy that it isn’t so blatant you are pushing your ad where the user never comes back to your website.

You can use many others tricks in order to increase your Adsense earnings. But be careful about some of the tricks you might read about on the internet. You should read and understand the Google Adsense rules so you don’t find yourself with your Adsense account suspended. The last thing you want is to lose your best avenue for profits because you tried to trick your readers into clicking on your ads.

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