Six Top Tips for an Effective Blog

effective blog

Once you have started your blog, you may think all you need to do is write down what you think. Although this is usually the main point of a blog, to publish your thoughts and opinions, you still need to attract visitors and build a following in order to have an effective blog.

So here is a list of blogging tips to help you build an effective blog:

1.) Be Topical.

Cohesiveness in message is not optional. Readers may or may not be attracted to your topic. But if your message is jumbled, few will bother remembering to revisit your blog because it basically would offer nothing to remember. This doesn’t mean blogs can’t jump from subject to subject. For example, a blog with a comical focus has all the freedom in the world for subject matter, but it would be silly for such a blog to turn the comedy on and off. In such an example, the aspect of comedy would be content’s glue, the strength of the blog. The attractiveness of staying on point and on topic is that eventually, due to the nature of the Internet, you will find those interested exclusively in your topic.

2.) Keep the Content Coming

Create a plan and stick to it. Realizing that blogging requires time and effort, don’t create impractical expectations and be unable to deliver. An occasional slip or holiday is generally understood, but readers returning to find musty, out-dated content are going to find another blog with more related content. New blogs and RSS feeds are popping up on a daily basis. If you have worked hard to develop viewers and a community you don’t want to lose them due to lack of communication.

3.) Understandable Language Counts.

Set apart is the blog with a clear line of reason. Write without inside jokes, clique-y catchphrases or ambiguous logic. First time readers need to be close to your message. They are more likely to return to blogs that strike them positively. If the first read is puzzling there will not be a second read.

4.) Feed the Spiders.

Search engines take notice of active blogs and blog search engines are especially aware of activity. If nothing else, search engines are smarter today than they were yesterday and are only getting smarter. In constantly improving they are seeking to aggregate value; quality blogs are updated several times a week, if not daily, as opposed to once or twice a month. And the search engine spiders that come crawling though websites like to see fresh content!

5.) RSS.

Think of RSS like a magic to blogging world, because that’s the effect it’s had. RSS feeds are a way to exponentially sound your voice to those interested. These feeds are a great means to increase the distribution and readership of your original content.

6.) Spell check.

Use the spell-check. It only takes a second and can save you from looking like a dummy.

Your weblog audience may be very small at first so follow these tips for an effective blog. And if you keep writing with great content and a keen point of view, the followers will come!


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