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Planning Content For Blog Posts Can Be A Challenge

When thinking about content for blog posts, you may find yourself having to take some time planning how your blog posts should be written before you even start writing.

Sometimes when writing a blog, you may find yourself wondering how you might want to organize your posts in order to make them better, both in terms of readability and search engine optimization, or SEO. Sure, writing blog posts should be fund, but there is a technical side of the content for blog posts that needs to be followed in order to make your blog the best it can be. This article is meant to guide you through your thinking about content for blog posts, with helpful tips and advice.

Get some emotion into your articles. Write a compelling title that evokes happiness, anger, sadness, or another emotion that draws them into reading your article. People don’t want to be bored. Find a way to attach emotion to your message — make it personal, and people will read it and identify.

The very first paragraph in each article should be the best. Search engines and your readers place the most importance on your first paragraph. Including the best information in this section is a good way to grab their attention. Get your readers interested by introducing your topic in an original manner. This will ensure that your readers want to read the entire article.

When writing posts as part of a blog promotion strategy, make sure they are informative. While it can seem like article syndication has more to do with placement and linking than with getting potential readers to see your articles, you must treat every article like a sales pitch or a one-time opportunity to gain a future reader’s trust.

Have a point and then get to it. Readers want you to do something with your post, whether it be solving problems, answering questions or devising new solutions. Keep this in mind as you write each article to stay on track and give your audience what they deserve, which is a well-written post, helping them with a subject they’re interested in.

It is important that you stick to your main topic. Many readers do not want to spend time with an article that rants on and on about a totally different subject. Sometimes as off-topic aside can be useful, especially if it is part of an overall strategy you use on all of your posts (or, if you naturally write that way).

When you first start more promotional-type posts it is great to write them as if you were writing a normal post. The reason for that is that people shut down right away when they see ads, and they are more open to reading stories. By the time they finish the story they may see it is an ad, but if it is well-written it may serve its purpose and increase your readership.

A great tip to use if you’re writing a lot of content is to write it all first and walk away, instead of writing and editing as you go along. Write your content, let it hang around for a day or two without viewing it, and then go back with fresh eyes to carefully edit it. This way, you’re not likely to miss the obvious mistakes.

It is a good idea to start with a catchy headline and keep your articles below 800 words. Many people have attention spans that can be short, so it is crucial to hook them in the introductory paragraph of your article. You can always expand on the on the attention-grabbing facts later in the post, so be sure to put your eye-catching sentences in the first few lines.

Whenever you post a new article, be sure that it contains pertinent links to some of your other articles. By doing this, you will get more of your articles read and give your website more exposure. This sort of self-promotion is not obtrusive so it won’t normally keep readers away from your blog.

Consider outsourcing your work. If your blog gets to the point of a large readership and your ads are making you good money, you may want to either hire some writers for additional content or get some guest-bloggers for your site. If hiring, the process doesn’t have to be expensive or troublesome; there are writers available at every price point. Getting a writer will free you up for business activities you enjoy, and the website will continue to get fresh content.

As you can see, there is a lot to consider when choosing content for blog posts and articles. Whether you are new to writing blog posts, or you are an old hand, there is certainly something you can learn about this topic. Follow these tips and you will get the best results you possibly can.

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