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How Adwords AdRank Determines Which Ads to Show

Google’s Adwords AdRank system was created to have higher quality ads be placed in better positions and top pages in Google’s Search results.

Google Adwords is one of the largest online advertising platforms, which allows anyone to launch their ad campaign to show the ads they want to promote their business. Once you get started, the Adwords program is relatively easy to use. And, of course, it has a lot of benefits, since Google’s Adwords program is the most popular and most rewarding advertising platform on the internet. This makes using Adwords to be the most effective marketing tool a business can have. The benefits of this service make it one of the most popular advertising strategies for publishers. But this also guarantees that there will be other businesses, perhaps competitors, who may be running an ad campaign using similar or the same search keywords as you.

So how do you get your ad campaign to be more successful than your competitors? And how do you get your ads to show up in the top pages of Google Search? This is done through Google’s Adwords AdRank.

AdRank is a complex indicator which is given to each ad in their system. It is based on a number of factors, including cost-per-click or CPC, which is set by the publisher, the relevance and quality of each ad, and the description and content of the website the ad is linked to.

One more interesting function of Adwords is the prediction of generating leads. It shows the probability of your ad to bring the lead, depending on user behavior and keywords. If this probability is higher than an ad from one of your competitors, your advertising link will be higher-positioned.

So what does this all mean as to how your business might use Adwords?

Google itself is open to discussing ad position and ad rank. They define ad position as “the order of your ad in auction results compared to other ads.” So if you have an ad position of “1” this means the ad is the first shown with no other ads ahead of it.

However, ad position does not necessarily specify the location of your ad on a search results page. For instance, your ad may not show up above the organic search results, even if your ad is a “1” – depending on how a user is using Google Search. Your ad might also be positioned below the organic search results. And after four or five pages, ads no longer show up above or below the organic search results, so if your ad is not ranked high for those search terms, it won’t show up.

Once your ad campaign is started, you can always see how your ads are appearing relative to other ads (on average) or where your ads are showing on the search results pages by looking at your Google ad metrics.

So what is ad auction and how does it determine ad positioning?

Google calculates Ad Rank for every ad … which determines your ad position, as well as whether your ads are eligible to show at all. The auction is based on your bid – which you have to determine the maximum amount you are willing to pay for a click on your ad. You might actually end up paying less, and you can change your bid amounts on your ads whenever you want.

Your Adwords AdRank is also based on how relevant your ads are as well as the website the ad links to. Google determines a Quality Score for each of your ads, which you can view in your Google Ads account – and you can work on improving your scores if you are not getting favorable results. If you do not have a good enough quality score, your ad will not meet Google’s Ad Rank thresholds.

Another factor regarding quality is your actual cost-per-click or CPC. Higher quality ads can often lead to lower CPCs which means you can end up paying less when a user clicks on your ads if they are of higher quality.

Ad Rank is also determined based on the context of each person’s search: the terms the user types into the search window, the person’s location when searching, whether they are using a desktop computer or mobile device, what time of day the search is happening, and other attributes as well.

All of the described above factors let the system to define how highly your ad will be positioned in the search results and, consequently, how many visitors you may get to your website. To get the most out of your ad campaign, it is best to have quality ads in order to get a higher Adwords AdRank for each of your ads, which will lead to better advertising success.

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