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Finding the Best Keywords to Promote Your Website

In order for your website to attract new readers, the best method is to write new articles or blog posts using the best keywords.

As we know, it’s not so simple to find the perfect high-paid keywords for our article. You want your post to have good content, and it needs to be related to your blog’s theme or business or services that you are selling. But if you are looking to write about something in a niche with low competitiveness and high cost-per-click keywords, many of the more obvious terms are most likely already very competitive.

Your website should have a mix of business or services promotion along with a personal blog. And even if you are simply writing a blog about your own thoughts or ideas, you should still also write some of your posts about businesses in order to reach a wider audience. The best way to find new readers is to rank well in the search engines. That is why it is important to find the right keywords to use in your posts. Here are some tools which can help you do that.

Google Adwords Keyword Planner

Google is, by far, the most used search engine. But also within their Adwords application is a keyword planning tool. This is probably used more often than anything else to help determine good keywords. It shows several characteristics, including the density of keyword searches, the average CPC and the level of competition in the niche. Planner can also give you some suggestions about your future content and its niche. If you find a keyword or grouping of words that has a high top of page bid and low competition, you are most likely on to a good idea to write about.

Market Samurai

A good software program for keywords niche research is Market Samurai. It has many of the same principles as Adwords Keywords Planner, but concentrates on their Four Keyword SEO Golden Rules: relevancy, traffic, competition and commerciality. It’s a desktop program which is much more convenient to use, but the software is not free. If you find the program useful you will need to work its cost into your website’s marketing budget. Market Samurai also keeps up with the latest Google Crawler updates and delivers news about changes in everything search-related directly to you via email. Because this is not a free program, not as many webmasters use it as Google’s keyword planner, so there may be some opportunity to find something that other sites aren’t doing that will work for you. You can download a free trial version to test it our before committing to purchase it.


This is another paid service, which has similar functions to Google’s Planner. The difference is in its opportunities and functionality. On WordTracker‘s website you can do a basic keyword search (up to twenty times) and get eight results for each search for free. If you want more results and do further analysis, you will need to purchase a paid subscription.

There is an art to using keywords in your website’s blogs and articles and many consultants make a lot of money writing books and other paid content which sell very well. There are also many plugins and other apps to help webmasters find the best keywords to use in their posts and where to include those keywords in each post in order to get the best results.

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