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Adsense Ad Design to Look Like Part of Your Website

When designing an Adsense ad campaign for your website, you can get better results if the ad design looks like part of your website.

One of the greatest advantages of Google Adsense is its universal approach to advertising on the web. Though it has some strict rules and different regulations, this service also gives us some freedom. One of those is by the different design of the Adsense ad units. Within some limits, you have the ability to choose different ad designs for different parts of your website. Your goal should be to have an overall good design of your website where the ads don’t distract from your content but are still engaging for your readers so they may click on the ads.

Many experienced Adsense users have reported that their earnings are directly related to the design of the ad units. In other words, if your ads look more like they belong to the website and are even somewhat embedded into the content, you will achieve better results. Perhaps one goal could be to design an ad where the user may not even know that he or she is actually clicking on an Adsense as unit This is also known as masking the ad.

Webmasters approach how they integrate ads into their websites in different ways. Most web visitors are used to seeing a banner ad near the top of the website, generally in the header area. This ad placement in the website’s header was the traditional ad location in the earliest days of website design. This location is still profitable as this is typically one of the first things a user sees when visiting a website. Although these are typically not integrated into the website design, they are still a must for most webmasters.

Apart from this header location, the other Adsense ad placement that performs the best are typically ads that are within the content of the web page. These can be simple text ads or combination image/text ads that don’t have borders around them or bright colors so they look seamlessly as part of the text of the page. These ads will be based on advertisers that have products or services that are related to the web page’s content (or the users’ recently searched or viewed web pages) and so can easily look like it is part of the article. These are known as ‘Adsense-optimized designs’ by Google.

Since you want to earn revenue through your website, your goal is to have an optimized ad campaign that will garner the most profit. You don’t want to have a web page that is full of many bright-colored or blinking ads, for most users won’t click on those. Instead, customizing the design of your ads so they look almost seamless on your web page will lead to better clicks, and ultimately better results.

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